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Our immune system

Our immune system

Our immune system is one of the most important and intrinsic ways our body has in keeping us health. Keeping a healthy immune system is vital to health, wellness and vitality. As we navigate this world we are constantly bombarded with viruses, pathogens, and bacteria, and without a strong highly functioning immune system we would constantly be in a state of sickness. Getting sick is is a direct result of our internal systems struggle to adapt and fight off these said invaders. When we are feeding our bodies the right nutrients, getting enough sleep and practicing stress management our bodies are extremely good at adapting and fighting even the most deadly of pathogens. 

Our Immune system is our first line of defense to protect us from potential life threatening illnesses and is referred to as our innate immune system. Our innate immune system, which includes skin, tears, enzymes, and the special cells that attach themselves to foreign bodies that make their way past out skin layer. The cells are what bridge the gap between the innate immune system and adaptive immune system. 

 Once a foreign body enters, the immune system it creates a memory which allows  this cell to remember what is a pathogen and it enables it to be more proficient at attacking bacteria, parasites, viruses, and infections. 

When our immune system is working at full capacity, the response should be immediate.  In order for this response to be running optimal there are many activities that one should be doing on a regular basis.  Some of this activities include having a healthy and balanced diet and having an active lifestyle. There are certain aspects that can represent a threat to the immune system response, like consuming excessive alcohol, advanced age, poor nutrition, and being sedentary. 

Exercising followed by a healthy and balanced diet can optimize and balance the immune system making your body less prone to sickness like the common flu to other diseases. Choosing foods that are rich in minerals and vitamins, will make an ideal response in order to prevent an infection. Eating fruits, vegetables, and supplements that are rich in minerals and vitamins will produce an efficient response of the immune system, making ourselves healthy, strong, and active. It is also very important to bridge the gap by using the right balance of supplements when eating the proper foods is difficult.


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