Our one bottle solution for immune support was founded and created by doctors to be the only product on the market with 16 ingredients in one. 


Support and strengthen the bodies natural immune system.

Our select ingredients in precise ratios, like Vitamin C, D3, Zinc, Elderberry and Quercetin help support our body’s natural defense system, our immune system. You get all the immune system support you will ever need without the added expense of purchasing multiple supplements, because all of it is contained in one convenient bottle.



    Support healthy cellular metabolism.

    The ingredients mentioned above along with adaptogen mushrooms like Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail, Reishi and Cordyceps not only help support immune function, but also aid in supporting healthy cellular metabolism and function.



    Supports healthy reduction in inflammation.

    When formulating our IMMUNE blend, we also wanted to make sure the product helped in the reduction of inflammation, hence the addition of Turmeric, and Ginger; when the body is inflamed it doesn’t function optimally.



    May help in the reduction of contracting colds, viruses, and other illnesses. related to a reduction in the immune system.

    Lastly, our formula may help in the reduction of contracting colds, viruses, and other illnesses related to a reduction in the capability of the immune system. 


    We have created the world’s first “everything and the kitchen sink” immune support product, and we put so much in our capsules, we almost needed bigger ones. If bigger capsules were able to be swallowed, we would have. Enjoy the last immune support nutraceutical you will ever need!